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Staying Sober During Covid

Just popping in to say hi and see how everyone’s going. I’ve been thinking about alcohol an awful lot this week. All day yesterday and today I’ve seriously contemplated cracking into a bottle of red to just stop the chatter. It’s been deafening.

I still don’t have the answers for this. But I know alcohol won’t help. Even if I can’t quite figure out how to get my equilibrium back in that instant, I know I’ll look back from the safety of after those impulses pass and be thankful I didn’t drink.

I followed my own advice and did something else. I went for a walk, made some cookies with my daughter and then watched her run around like a crazy chicken until she finally conked out. The other option would have been to crack the wine and wallow.

I ate too many cookies, I didn’t do the massive run I had planned, but I also didn’t drink. It’s always the best decision I make each day. The rest is just fine tuning, but the main, critical decision not to drink means I don’t torpedo my day.

The global situation is frightening. It’s getting to me, as I’m sure it is to many of us. My drinking isn’t going to make it go away though. We just have to keep hanging in. Here’s a conked out 3 year old. I did it!

Day 515

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