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Many People struggle with substance abuse in the shadows feeling ashamed, alone, and inadequate.



Many of us keep up appearances while at the same time kicking ourselves every time we stumble into bed drunk out of our minds. Many of us say, 'never again,' only to drink again at 5 p.m. You are not alone.



After party is the story of how one person, Drew Charles, dug his way out of the spiral of drugs and alcohol excess. While doing so, he discovered that sobriety is not the impossibly boring state of living so many fear but is, instead, filled with joy and excitement in ways one can't predict when he or she is stuck in the loop of drinking and drug taking.
After Party is the honest account of Drew's first year of sobriety, how he did it, and more importantly, why he did it. Drew's hope is that anyone who battles with alcohol and drugs, or just feels curious about sobriety, can take solace in knowing that life not only exists beyond alcohol, but that it sings with a clarity and depth of emotion many would never thought possible.

Drew Charles is an author from Melbourne, Australia. His book, After Party, tells the story of his life long struggles with drugs and alcohol and his eventual path to sobriety. Drew has travelled the world playing drums, but is now a keen golfer and baker of cookies. 

Drew's Mission

The whole purpose of writing After Party was to draw attention to the damaging effects drugs and alcohol can have on a range of people from all kinds of backgrounds. On the surface, I was a successful adult who no one would ever have suspected battled in the way I did. I want to break the stigma of addiction and share my story in the hopes that it promotes more open discussions of the very real problems of alcohol and drug dependance and overuse in modern societies. 


“The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety, it's connection”

- Johann Hari

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